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What is Travel Insurance? (TM Xplora)

Travel Insurance (TM Xplora) is our commitment to let you travel the world, and be protected from major emergencies, as well as offering assurance against common travel inconveniences. As the region's travel and tourism industry booms, it's important that you are not caught off guard by accidents and mishaps, which could derail all your planning efforts.

Two types of travel insurance plans, catering to different needs.

Premier (travel Insurance): Offers an unparalled level of protection for total peace of mind.

Classic (travel Insurance): Caters to the traveller who would rather dedicate more of his funds on his experiences

Key Terms

Insured: Adult who is a person between 18 to 79 years of age next birthday.

"Single Trip" Family: Travel Insurance (TM Xplora) covers 1 or 2 adults travelling with at least one children. The 2 adults may not be related but each child must be related to either of the insured adults. The family must travel and return together.

"Annual Trip" Family: Travel Insurance (TM Xplora) covers Insured's legal spouse and their legal children

“Group”: Travel Insurance (TM Xplora) covers the insured person and their travelling companion(s) whose names must be declared and age must be between 21 and 70 years old (inclusive).

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Note: All trip must originate from and back to Singapore.
Single Trip plans allow for trips lasting 183 consecutive days.
Annual plans allow trips lasting 90 consecutive days.